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Protect Linux containers running in IaaS with Azure Security Center

Nowadays, more and more enterprises are migrating their monolith applications to run mission-critical, containerized cloud-native applications in production. Containers provide multiple advantages, both for developers and IT professionals. They are easy and fast to deploy, immutable, and provide fast iteration. As the number of containers deployed continues to increase, security solutions need to be in place to provide you with visibility into the security state of your containers and help protect them from threats.

Azure Security Center now provides you with several new capabilities to help you secure your containers.

1. Visibility to the containers hosted on IaaS Linux machines

In Azure Security Center, a new tab of containers is now available and displays all virtual machines with Docke...

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Holiday season is DDoS season

Is your business ready for the holiday season?

As we approach the holiday season and bring in thoughts of good cheers, many companies are faced with an elevated risk of cyber-attacks. What makes the holidays such an enticing time for hackers is the combination of an increase in traffic volume due to an uptick in eCommerce that helps disguise hackers from detection, and reduced staff. All of which makes this time of year too attractive for cyber-criminals to pass up.

In fact, security firms report a 150 percent increase in DDoS attacks in the months between summer and the end of the year. DDoS is becoming an unfortunate and inevitable addition to the holidays.

DDoS is an ever-growing problem, and the types of attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated...

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Azure Kubernetes Service now in private preview in Azure China

We are pleased to announce the private preview of the Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in Azure China. With this announcement, Azure becomes the first cloud provider to provide a managed Kubernetes service within mainland China. As in the other regions where the service is available worldwide, AKS in China offers users a way to quickly and easily create a Kubernetes cluster on Azure infrastructure, then scale, upgrade, and monitor that cluster with a set of simple and intuitive tools.

If you have an Azure China account, creating a Kubernetes cluster in AKS is as simple as az aks create. Once the cluster is created, you can manage it in the Azure China portal, including scaling the cluster in and out, and upgrading to new Kubernetes versions.

Azure Kuberneters Service in Azure China dashboard

When coupled with the Azure Container R...

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Deploy, develop, and troubleshoot faster with Azure Blockchain Workbench 1.5.0

On behalf of the entire Workbench team, thank you for your continued support and interest in Azure Blockchain Workbench. With every month’s release, our focus areas are driven by the topics you care about the most. Workbench 1.5.0 focuses on two key themes, making Workbench easier to deploy and simplifying the process of developing and testing your end to end blockchain solutions.

Whether you’re a new customer or upgrading your current deployment, we hope you like what we have built.

Deploy faster

The previous Workbench installation provided a lot of flexibility that most people didn’t need. We have streamlined the deployment template with default values and easier Azure Active Directory (AAD) integration...

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Join Azure at Supercomputing 2018

This blog post was authored by the Azure High Performance Computing Team.

Every year at Supercomputing, over 12,000 researchers and practitioners come together to push the state of the art in high-performance computing forward. This year is no exception, and we’re excited to join the global HPC community in Dallas, Texas next week.

In booth #3442, Microsoft will showcase the work we have done to address key cloud migration blockers including price performance, simple/performant file access for both MPI and massive-read workloads, and challenges for hybrid HPC enterprises managing across cloud and on-premises clusters.

Over the last year, we have worked to deliver the most complete set of integrated services and solutions to enable customers to get started faster, run HPC workloads cost-ef...

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View chooses Microsoft Azure IoT to accelerate development of smart building applications

Innovation in smart buildings has been increasing in recent years, catalyzed by the democratization of cloud, AI, and IoT. Our recent Azure Digital Twins announcement highlights Microsoft’s commitment to IoT innovation. Organizations benefit from virtually representing their physical environments to deliver on various IoT scenarios, including smart buildings. By gathering data from a broad variety of sensors and devices, organizations are able to more precisely understand and optimize the spaces they occupy, and alter them to best serve people’s needs. As compute power disseminates to every physical environment that people use, buildings have become top-of-mind in their potential to generate efficiency gains and occupant satisfaction...

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Developing hybrid applications with Azure Stack

More and more we hear from our customers that building hybrid applications is necessary for their business. While Microsoft Azure continues to be the platform of choice for building applications, Azure Stack and Azure together enable building hybrid applications. The consistent experience across both makes it easy. You can use Azure services from anywhere, whether at the bottom of a mine, from inside a container on a cargo ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or from the top of Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the Andes. Literally, you can run apps that you developed in Azure any place where traditional data centers don’t exist.

You can use Azure Stack close to your operations while using your favorite tools and programming language...

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Microsoft Azure tutorial: How to integrate Azure Functions with MongoDB

Special thanks to Graham Neray and the MongoDB team for their contribution to this blog post. 

We’re excited to share that teams can now use the global cloud database MongoDB Atlas for free on Microsoft Azure. The newly available free tier on Azure is known as the M0, and grants users 512 MB of storage which is ideal for learning MongoDB, prototyping, and early development.

This announcement is apart of our broader goal to give our customers immense choice and make it incredibly easy to get started on Azure for anyone in the world.

The Atlas free tier will run the latest version of MongoDB, one of the most popular databases on the planet...

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Power bat: How Spektacom is revolutionizing the game of cricket with Microsoft AI

This post is co-authored by Anil Kumble, Founder, Spektacom Technologies.

While Cricket is an old sport with a dedicated following of fans across the globe, the game has been revolutionized in the 21st century with the advent of Twenty20 format resulting in a massive growth of interest in the game and fan following worldwide. This has led to an increase in competition as well as a desire among professionals and amateurs likewise, to improve the quality of their game.

As the popularity of the game increased, innovative methods of improving batting techniques evolved. This has also resulted in a need for data-driven assistance for players to assess their quality of game...

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Let AI help you be more productive with Microsoft Azure CLI

Keeping up with the pace of change in Microsoft Azure can be challenging. Every week there are more than 50 pull requests against the Azure Representational State Transfer (REST) API. Over the past 6 months, we’ve been building the AI-powered extension, Azure Aladdin, to help make using Azure easier. The first interface was a Microsoft docs extension that provided users content recommendations.

Today we are excited to offer the next interface to the Aladdin knowledge base, an experimental Azure Command-line interface (CLI) extension that provides insight and examples based on how other user have seen success using Microsoft Azure.

Install the Azure CLI "Find" extension

We’ve made it straightforward to install experimental extensions in Azure CLI...

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