June Azure User Group: Remote Desktop Services in Azure

Please join us for the June Minnesota Azure User Group meeting! This months topic will be presented by Travis Roberts an infrastructure group manager. He will present on

Title: Remote Desktop Services in Azure

Description: Travis recently finished a project to upgrade his Remote Desktop Services environment and move it into azure. The goal of the project was to increase resiliency and security as well as provide the ability to scale out on demand based on user load. He accomplished this by using several Azure technologies such as ARM Templates for multiple, domain joined server deployments, Key Vault to safeguard password in templates, BitLocker Drives, Azure Load balancers, availability sets, networking, Azure Automation, Azure DSC, Azure SQL, RDS Connection Broker Cluster Azure Enterprise and more.

Travis will tell the story behind this solution and how he utilized many of Azure’s technologies.

Learn more about Travis on his website here: http://www.ciraltos.com and follow him on twitter @ciraltos .

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