February Azure User Group meeting: Microsoft AI Azure for the Commoner

Please join us for the February Minnesota Azure User Group meeting! This months meeting will cover Azure AI presented by Huy Ly a Cloud Solution Architect with Microsoft. Here are the session details:

Title: Microsoft AI Azure for the Commoner

You hear Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning thrown around all the time these days. What do they actually mean and how can you take advantage of them? In this meeting I will cover AI and ML and why they are such buzz words right now. I will also explain what they mean to Microsoft and how that can turn into real world applications. I will show you how Azure services enable AI foreach of you. There is no need to know anything about AI or ML for this session. This will be an interactive presentation with demos that members of the audience will be able to utilize after the session.

The duration of the meeting is: 4:00PM-5:15PM with the speaker typically starting at 4:10 to 4:15PM. We provide free food and drink at every meeting.

The meeting format/agenda is as follows:
• MN Azure user group board updates (5 Minutes)
• Sponsor talk (10 Minutes)
• Azure topic (30-45 Minutes)
• Roundtable discussion/or Lightning talks (30 Minutes if time allows)”
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