April Azure User Group Meeting: A path to SAP on Azure

Please join us for the April Minnesota Azure User Group meeting! This months meeting will cover SAP on Azure by Saifullah Sheikh an enterprise cloud architect with Avanade. Here are the session details:

Title: A path to SAP on Azure

This session will be an overview of Running your SAP workloads on Azure. Microsoft and SAP have partnered for over 20 years. Both companies have committed to run internal SAP business systems on Azure and offer customers a trusted path to digital transformation with SAP solutions. This makes Azure an enterprise grade cloud, bringing new level of performance to SAP Solutions.

This presentation will cover a variety of topics:
-An introduction to Microsoft Azure
-Business Considerations and Use Cases for SAP HANA
-Planning Deployment
-High Availability
-Migrating Existing SAP HANA into Azure

The duration of the meeting is: 4:00PM-5:15PM with the speaker typically starting at 4:10 to 4:15PM. We provide free food and drink at every meeting.
The meeting format/agenda is as follows:
• MN Azure user group board updates (5 Minutes)
• Sponsor talk (10 Minutes)
• Azure topic (30-45 Minutes)
• Roundtable discussion/or Lightning talks (30 Minutes if time allows)”
Food is provided free of charge at this meeting by Avanade! Avanade leads in innovative digital & cloud services, business solutions & design-led experiences via Microsoft technology.

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User group website: www.mnazureusergroup.com
User group Twitter: @MNAzureUG