Azure User Group: The Power of Azure DevOps

Please join us for the October Minnesota Azure User Group meeting! This months meeting will deep dive into Azure DevOps by Microsoft MVP Jeff Bramwell. Learn more about Jeff here @jbramwell. Here are the session details:

Title: The Power of Azure DevOps

There are many tools available today that can be used to augment your DevOps practices. With Azure DevOps you can pick and choose which tools work best for your existing processes. In this talk, we’ll take a look at the tools provided with Azure DevOps such as Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines, Azure Repos, Azure Test Plans, and Azure Artifacts. We will also look at how these tools can integrate with each other to provide value to your software development and delivery workflows. Whether you are delivering software on-premises or in the cloud, building open source or commercial solutions, using .NET, Java, Swift or any other language, you should see what Azure DevOps has to offer.

The meeting format/agenda is as follows:
• MN Azure user group board updates (5 Minutes)
• Sponsor talk (10 Minutes)
• Azure topic (30-45 Minutes)
• Roundtable discussion/or Lightning talks (30 Minutes if time allows)”
This meeting is not yet sponsored. For information on sponsoring this meeting or future meetings visit:
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