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Virtual machine scale set insights from Azure Monitor

In October 2018 we announced the public preview of Azure Monitor for Virtual Machines (VMs). At that time, we included support for monitoring your virtual machine scale sets from the at scale view under Azure Monitor.

Today we are announcing the public preview of monitoring your Windows and Linux VM scale sets from within the scale set resource blade. This update includes several enhancements:

  • In-blade monitoring for your scale set with “Top N”, aggregate, and list views across the entire scale set.
  • Drill down experience to identify issues on a particular scale set instance.
  • Updated mapping UI to display the entire dependency diagram across your scale set while supporting drill down maps for a single instance.
  • UI based enablement of monitoring from the scale set resource blade.
  • Updated ex...
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First Microsoft cloud regions in Middle East now available

This blog post was co-authored by Paul Lorimer, Distinguished Engineer, Office 365.


Azure and Office 365 generally available today, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform available by end of 2019

Today, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 are taking a major step together to help support the digital transformation of our customers. Both Azure and Office 365 are now generally available from our first cloud datacenter regions in the Middle East, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, offering the next generation of intelligent business applications and tools, are anticipated to be available from the cloud regions in UAE by the end of 2019.

The opening of the new cloud regions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai marks the first time Microsoft will deliver cloud services ...

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Using Azure Search custom skills to create personalized job recommendations

This blog post was co-authored by Kabir Khan, Software Engineer II , Learning Engineering Research and Developement.

The Microsoft Worldwide Learning Innovation lab is an idea incubation lab within Microsoft that focuses on developing personalized learning and career experiences. One of the recent experiences that the lab developed focused on offering skills-based personalized job recommendations. Research shows that job search is one of the most stressful times in someone’s life. Everyone remembers at some point looking for their next career move and how stressful it was to find a job that aligns with their various skills.

Harnessing Azure Search custom skills together with our library of technical capabilities, we were able to build a feature that offers personalized job recommendations ...

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Announcing the preview of Microsoft Azure Bastion

For many customers around the world, securely connecting from the outside to workloads and virtual machines on private networks can be challenging. Exposing virtual machines to the public Internet to enable connectivity through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Secure Shell (SSH), increases the perimeter, rendering your critical networks and attached virtual machines more open and harder to manage.

RDP and SSH are both a fundamental approach through which customers connect to their Azure workloads. To connect to their virtual machines, most customers either expose their virtual machines to the public Internet or deploy a bastion host, such as jump-server or jump-boxes.

So today, I'm excited to announce the preview of Azure Bastion.

Azure Bastion is a new managed PaaS service that provides ...

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Azure Security Expert Series: Best practices from Ann Johnson

June 19th 10 am – 11 am PT (1 pm – 2 pm ET)

With more computing environments moving to the cloud, the need for stronger cloud security has never been greater. But what constitutes effective cloud security, and what best practices should you be following?

We are excited to launch the Azure security expert series on June 19th, for security operations and IT professionals. Kicking off with Ann Johnson, CVP of Cybersecurity for Microsoft, and other industry experts in discussions on a wide range of cloud security topics.

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What is included in the event?

You'll hear from Ann Johnson on the following:

  • Cloud security best practices with Hayden Hainsworth, GM and Partner, Cybersecurity Engineering at Microsoft.
  • The latest Azure security innovations.
  • Partnership with Ran Nah...

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Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 39

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 136 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


ACR Lift & Shift

ACR Lift & Shift: Stratum ACR Lift and Shift is an enterprise methodology available for customers of all sizes. Stratum has designed a turnkey, repeatable process for mass migrations to Azure that will increase cloud adoption.

All in One Marketing Automation & CDP 4-Wk PoC

All in One Marketing Automation & CDP: 4-Wk PoC: Related Marketing Cloud offers personalization and marketing automation solutions for omnichannel marketing integrated with Customer Data Platform to increase conversion rates for customer lifecycle stages.


AllOrg: Wavelip's AllOrg is an Azure-based platform for end-users to easily and quickly create a comput...

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Microsoft and Truffle partner to bring a world-class experience to blockchain developers

Last month, Microsoft released Azure Blockchain Service making it easy for anyone to quickly setup and manage a blockchain network and providing a foundation for developers to build a new class of multi-party blockchain applications in the cloud.

To enable end-to-end development of these new apps, we’ve collaborated with teams from Visual Studio Code to Azure Logic Apps and Microsoft Flow to Azure DevOps, to deliver a high-quality experience that integrates Microsoft tools developers trust and open-source tools they love.

As we looked at the open source projects for Ethereum-based blockchains, we saw Truffle addressing core needs of developers looking to create, compile, test, and manage smart contract code...

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Azure Stack IaaS – part ten

This blog is co-authored by Andrew Westgarth, Senior Program Manager, Azure Stack 

Journey to PaaS

One of the best things about running your VMs in Azure or Azure Stack is you can begin to modernize around your virtual machines (VMs) by taking advantage of the services provided by the cloud. Platform as a Service (PaaS) is the term often applied to the capabilities that are available to your application to use without the burden of building and maintaining these capabilities yourself. Actually, cloud-IaaS itself is a PaaS since you do not have to build or maintain the underlying hypervisors, software defined network and storage, or even the self-service API and portal. Furthermore, Azure and Azure Stack gives you PaaS services which you can use to modernize your application.

When you need ...

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Azure.Source – Volume 87

News and updates

Microsoft FHIR Server for Azure extends to SQL

Since the launch of the open source FHIR Server for Azure on GitHub last November, we have been humbled by the tremendously positive response and surge in the use of FHIR in the healthcare community. There has been great interest in Microsoft expanding capabilities in the FHIR service, and today we are pleased to announce that the open source FHIR Server for Azure now supports both Azure Cosmos DB and SQL backed persistence providers. With the SQL persistence provider, developers will be able to perform complex search queries that join information across multiple FHIR resource types and leverage transactions.

Now available

Azure Shared Image Gallery now generally available

At Microsoft Build 2019, we announced the general avai...

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Customers get unmatched security with Windows Server and SQL Server workloads in Azure

Customers such as Allscripts, Chevron, J.B. Hunt, and thousands of others are migrating their important workloads to Azure where they find unmatched security. While understanding cloud security is initially a concern to many, after digging in, customers often tell us the security posture they can set up within Azure is easier to implement and far more comprehensive than what they can provide for in other environments.

Azure delivers multiple layers of security, from the secure foundation in our physical datacenters, to our operational practices, to engineering processes that follow industry standard Mitre guidelines. On top of that, customers can choose from a variety of self-service security services that work for both Azure and on-premises workloads...

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